24.05.18 (THURSDAY), 9.45-10.15: Novel aspects of synaptic and non-synaptic hippocampal plasticity (abstract here)

Tomasz Wojtowicz received Bsc and Msc degree in microbiology at Wroclaw University. He concluded successful training in genetics as Erasmus Students in Louvain la Neuve (Belgium) and got inspired in basic biological research. Consequently, he started a PhD programme in neuropharmacology and biophysics under supervision of Jerzy W. Mozrzymas at Wroclaw Medical University. His PhD thesis describing pharmacokinetics of several modulators of the key inhibitory ionotropic receptors in the brain (GABAA receptors) was awarded by Ministry of Health. In addition to training in electrophysiology, he paid visits to the laboratories in his field in Great Britain, Austria, Italy and Germany. His research interests involves basic mechanisms of brain plasticity and brain energy metabolism. He is currently affiliated to Wroclaw University.