24.05.18 (THURSDAY), 10.45-11.15: Cellular basis of age-dependent cognitive decline

Kasia Radwańska is a head of the Laboratory of Molecular Basis of Behaviour, Nencki Institute, Poland. She finished two postdoctoral fellowships, one at the Laboratory of Molecular Analysis of Memory of Prof. Karl Peter Giese (Marie Curie fellow 2006-2008), second at the Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology of Prof. Leszek Kaczmarek (2008-2013). Dr Radwańska is honored by prestigious award from Polish Prime Minister for the Outstanding Habilitation (2013), Foundation for Polish Science POMOST grant for women (2010) and Marie Curie Reintegration Grant (2009).

Memory processes, including memory formation or extinction, are fundamental for brain function and they are affected in various psychiatric illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder or addiction. Currently, the molecular basis of memory processes is not sufficiently well understood to develop successful treatments for memory dysfunctions. Her team is studying molecular basis of memory processes. For experiments her team use transgenic mice, which allows to combine molecular and morphological analyses with behavioral studies. In particular Radwańska’s lab is interested in modeling alcohol addiction and cognitive impairments in laboratory animals. Toward this end they apply both behavioral analysis of transgenic mice in the IntelliCage system as well as patch clamp electrophysiology, confocal, electron and correlative 3D microscopy to study molecular, functional and structural alterations in different brain regions.

The long-term aim to her research is to develop insights for treatments for memory dysfunctions in psychiatric illnesses.